How to choose a kayak for recreational swimming?

Choosing a kayak is a very important issue (padlespesialisten) . The first thing you discover is that there are more manufacturers and models of kayaks than cars, which also offer a wide range of materials and accessories. They use many words in their catalogs and websites, such as touring, light touring, primary and secondary stability, hull etc. It makes decision difficult because you only know that you are interested in the green model. We will tell you about our experiences and hope that they will help you make a decision.

Single or double kayak?
A double kayak is always the first option we think about, we usually say “I will go rowing with my lady”, “it will be a fantastic panorama to go out with my children”, “I will invite my best friend”. This usually ends in a big disappointment, and the best kayak on the market is stored in the basement.
We also need to be very sure that our partner shares the interest in this sport ( . Canoeing is physical activity in the fresh air, which is sometimes demanding. You can spend time paddling, in the rain and cold. As for friends, once you master canoeing, learn to row with rhythm and technique, it is certain that sailing with beginners will be unbearable for you, because you will only do the work, they will hit each other with paddles Because of lack of synchronization and if you stop rowing, you will discover that the kayak hardly moves. In a double kayak, tuning between kayakers is necessary, make a move, coordinate rowing, etc. Cooperation with a partner is not achieved on the first day, requires a lot of practice.
Closed or open?
Open kayaks or self-assessments (Sit on Top) are quite stable, very easy to leave or climb in unexpected turns. They are ideal for short walks near the shore. However, when you are sitting on an unprotected kayak from the waves and the weather, you are wet all the time, so its use is limited to short walks and summer months, unless you use a lot of equipment and clothing to Keep your body temperature ( . Ordinary models are usually “for a walk”, i.e. slow and not very comfortable. A closed kayak will allow you to move throughout the year, remaining. In addition, thanks to the waterproof cargo compartments, you can carry everything you need for camping and feeding. An important advantage is that you can move almost the same with the load and you do not have to choose which luggage to pick up.

What paddle should you choose for peaceful swimming?
If your idea is to sail in calm waters, then you need to look for a longer shovel with a narrower bucket shape. The important thing about shovels in calm waters is grip, but the least important part will be stability, so the buckets must be narrower and longer. The usual dimensions of the shovel are from 2 to 2.15 m. The production is usually made of carbon, because lightness and maximum force transmission are sought (we avoid bending the fiberglass blade). There are some concave spoons that take in more water because of their shape. They are used for competition because of the good power transmission that is performed with these blades. You should not be wrong, because this competition shovel does not mean that it is suitable for our purposes. These spoons are not suitable for kayak support because they work very badly on the water surface. It is advisable to buy water hoses that are close to the bucket so that the water does not slip and wet your hands, especially in winter or very cold water.